Tridon - Wiper


Complete Wiper Blades

  • Manufactured to the highest quality to ensure a crisp clean wipe. The low profile low lift design uses a galvanised zinc steel frame and stainless steel rivets for maximum corrosion protection, along with plastic bushes for a smooth operation, less noise and longer service life.
  • Available in 15 lengths, from 280mm (11") to 710mm (28"), each blade comes complete with adaptors to suit various arm style designs.
  • Uses O.E. metal rail style refills. The refill can be interchanged with Tridon narrow back refills in either metal rail or plastic once the original refill has reached the end of its service life.
  • The replacement Tridon wiper blade must be compatible with the vehicle’s original wiper blade; the Tridon wiper range has been carefully researched and engineered to suit each specific application.
  • Please refer to the Tridon Part Finder for the correct wiper blade for your application.
Part No.NameLength
TBL11Wiper Complete Blade280mm (11")
TBL12Wiper Complete Blade305mm (12")
TBL13Wiper Complete Blade330mm (13")
TBL14Wiper Complete Blade350mm (14")
TBL15Wiper Complete Blade380mm (15")
TBL16Wiper Complete Blade405mm (16")
TBL17Wiper Complete Blade430mm (17")
TBL18Wiper Complete Blade455mm (18")
TBL19Wiper Complete Blade480mm (19")
TBL20Wiper Complete Blade505mm (20")
TBL21Wiper Complete Blade530mm (21")
TBL22Wiper Complete Blade560mm (22")
TBL24Wiper Complete Blade610mm (24")
TBL26Wiper Complete Blade660mm (26")
TBL28Wiper Complete Blade710mm (28")