Toledo - Hydraulic Pullers


Hydraulic Puller Kits

  • The Toledo 10 tonne and 22 tonne rams provide maximum force with minimal effort
  • Large 22 tonne ram (Part No. 265023) for extra heavy duty applications where additional force is required
  • Ram repair kits are available. These ram repair kits are simple to use and provide a quick solution to restoring the ram to working order. The ram repair kits consist of seals and oil (components that require replacement)
Part No.Name
265022Heavy Duty Puller Kit 22 Tonne - Hydraulic
265000Twin & Triple Leg Puller & Bearing Separator Combination Kit
265030Puller & Bearing Separator Master Kit Mechanical & Hydraulic
265050Hydraulic Puller Set - Twin & Triple Leg 200mm
265015Bearing Separator Kit Mechanical & Hydraulic - Three Jaw

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