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Rivet Nut Fasteners

  • Replacement nut rivet fasteners in various sizes
  • Available in aluminum and steel materials
  • Aluminum nut rivets suitable for light to medium applications or where weight is critical
  • Steel nut rivets suitable for heavy duty application where strength is critical
  • Images shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.
Part No.Name
302131Rivet Nut Fastener Aluminium M3x0.5 - 10Pc
302132Rivet Nut Fastener Aluminium M4x0.7 - 10Pc
302133Rivet Nut Fastener Aluminium M5x0.8 - 10Pc
302134Rivet Nut Fastener Aluminium M6x1.0 - 10Pc
302135Rivet Nut Fastener Aluminium M8x1.25 - 10Pc
302136Rivet Nut Fastener Aluminium M10x1.5 - 10Pc
303191Rivet Nut Fastener Steel M3x0.5 - 10Pc
303192Rivet Nut Fastener Steel M4x0.7 - 10Pc
303193Rivet Nut Fastener Steel M5x0.8 - 10Pc
303194Rivet Nut Fastener Steel M6x1.0 - 10Pc
303195Rivet Nut Fastener Steel M8x1.25 - 10Pc
303196Rivet Nut Fastener Steel M10x1.5 - 10Pc