Toledo - Diagnostic & Inspection

Inspection Tools

  • All Toledo inspection tools offer the same versatility by incorporating a universally adjustable swivel head allowing vision and access of otherwise hindered areas
  • The Toledo range offers a wide selection of various sizes and configurations to ensure maximum choice and best fit for application
Part No.Name
301012Inspection Mirror Telescopic - Square
301011Inspection Mirror Telescopic - Oval
301016Inspection Mirror Telescopic - Circle
321033Flashlight Telescopic Magnetic
321012Inspection Mirror & Light (LED) Telescopic - Circle
321013Inspection Mirror & Light (LED) Telescopic - Oval
301013Inspection Mirror & Light Telescopic - Oval
301015Inspection Mirror Light & Pick-Up Tool Set Flexible Shaft
301399Inspection Mirror Light (LED) & Pick-Up Tool Set Flexible Shaft
301018Pick-Up Tool & Light Flexible Cord - Plastic Handle

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