Tridon - Hose Clamps

EFI Series - Extended Tang Micro

  • The Tridon EFI part stainless perforated band clamp range provides superior design and proven reliability
  • Manufactured in Australia, the flexible stainless steel perforated band has an extended tang to cover the perforations and prevent hose damage on soft rubber hoses
  • Ideally suited for use on fuel and vacuum lines
  • EFI (Micro Clamp) Band - 301 Stainless Steel (8.0mm wide) Housing - Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Screw - Carbon Steel Zinc Plated (6mm slotted hex head)
Part No.NameSizeQuantity
EFI004PExtended Tang Micro Clamp - Pack7mm - 15mm10
EFI004RFExtended Tang Micro Clamp - Ezi-Load Refills7mm - 15mm20
EFI004-20Extended Tang Micro Clamp - Pack of 207mm - 15mm20
EFI004Extended Tang Micro Clamp 7mm - 15mm500
EFI005PExtended Tang Micro Clamp - Pack9mm - 17mm10
EFI005-20Extended Tang Micro Clamp - Pack of 209mm - 17mm20
EFI005Extended Tang Micro Clamp 9mm - 17mm500
EFI006PExtended Tang Micro Clamp - Pack14mm - 22mm10
EFI006RFExtended Tang Micro Clamp - Ezi-Load Refills14mm - 22mm20
EFI006-20Extended Tang Micro Clamp - Pack of 2014mm - 22mm20
EFI006Extended Tang Micro Clamp 14mm - 22mm500