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Ball Joint Separators

Part NoNameFeaturesPhoto
311271Ball Joint Separator 200mm
  • Fork opening of 17mm, overall length of 200mm (8”)
  • Removes ball joints from vehicles
311273Ball Joint Separator 300mm
  • Tempered, drop forged steel, one-piece construction for extended life. 24mm fork, 300mm (12”) overall length
  • Removes worn out tie-rods easily with leverage and hammer striking
  • May also be used to remove CV drive shafts on FWD’s etc
311274Ball Joint Separator 19mm-38mm
  • Heat-treated drop forged steel body and bolt
  • Spreads ball joints easily where space prevents direct use of fork action method
  • Jaw opening 19mm, maximum opening 38mm
311275Universal Ball Joint Separator 30mm-56mm
  • Specially designed two-stage operation suitable for most vehicles and light trucks with ball joints in steering and suspension
  • Tempered steel, drop forged body and offset lever provide for excellent functional performance and long usage
  • Offset lever allows for maximum jaw openings of 30mm (13/16”) and 56mm (23/16”). Jaw opening 22mm
  • Heat treated trust bolt with steel ball insert and quick-change steel pin, provide for use in heavier applications