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Thermometer & Hydrometers

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303183Battery Hydrometer & Thermometer
  • Good quality hydrometer which takes ambient temperature into account when assessing SG readings
  • Graduated scale on the meter advises the operator to add or subtract certain values above or beyond 26.6°C (80°F)
  • 280mm overall length with 50mm thermometer
303182Battery Tester (Hydrometer)
  • Test battery SG fast and accurately; hot or cold.
  • Colour coded scale indicates: recharge (red), fair (grey) or good (blue)
  • Suits 6, 12 or 24 volt systems and unit detects overcharge
  • Draw up fluid to level line and tap gently to remove bubbles
  • Top pointer must be vertical. Large pointer shows SG
  • Batteries should be recharged where SG levels drop below 1210
  • Batteries should be replaced where SG levels vary more than 30 between cells
303184Battery Hydrometer
  • Economical hydrometer which provides accurate SG readings for any professional or semi-professional operator
  • Readings below 1210 indicate a need for recharge. Varaitions of more than 30 between cells indicate battery replacement is required